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Our practice takes pride in our dentistry, and in the relationships we build with our patients who believe in quality care. Our goal is to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for life. Your cooperation is a key element in helping us achieve our goal, so in order for us to do our best work, we ask for your cooperation regarding the following appointment policy.

1. We make every keep our patients on schedule throughout our workday, so we respectfully ask that You be prompt and to keep your scheduled appointments. As a courtesy, we will try to reach you by telephone, email and or text message to remind you of your appointment. Should we not be able to speak with you personally, your appointment card will serve as your confirmation, and implies your obligation to be present. Appointment times are reserved for you and you only, there is no "double booking" in this ,office. This means that no other patient has been scheduled for this time. We reserve the right to charge a lee for broken or canceled appointments without one business days advance notice. The broken appointment charge will be determined by scheduled procedures and the time reserved (approximately $100 per hour). These charges are allowed by insurance companies, but are considered the patients' responsibility to pay.

2. In order to maintain proper scheduling, and to minimize patient waiting time, it is necessary to schedule certain procedures for specific times during the day. We know that your time is valuable and understand that you don't want to spend anymore time than necessary in the dental chair. In order to provide you with the excellence in care that you expect and deserve, it is important that we schedule you in this way, trust us, our scheduling policy proves to be most efficient.

Again, we work hard to keep communication at the forefront of our relationships with our patients, as it is the key to excellence in dental care. Should you have any questions regarding this or any other policy of this office, please ask to speak to the Office Manager, so that your questions and concerns can be addressed. We are here to help!

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